Out with an old year and in with the new.  2014 was a year of getting Jack fixed.  Heart fixed, arteries fixed, cataracts removed.  Knee replaced,  Now he's like a bionic man, and he's ready to GO when the weather warms up.  ME TOO.  We had an inhome service in January,and plan to have more.  Jack had just remarked it would be neat to go to people's homes and minister to their friends and families.  Ten minutes later, there came a knock on the door.  They had close to 40 people there, and many of them prayed asking Jesus into their hearts.  It was awesome.  We also ministered in a senior home.  Faces beamed listening to the old Gospel music they love so much.  I did a sing-along, "Home on the Range"; "You Are My Sunshine", etc.  Everyone was singing along with me. The whole audience prayed with Jack, renewing thir committment to Jesus Christ, or making a first time committment.  It was very special.  The Bible tells if we win souls we wise.  Please pray for Jack and me and this ministry.  

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