"How I love your teachings! I think about them all day long. Your commands make me wiser than my enemies, because they are mine forever." Psalm 119:97-98

Just had a fun weekend with my friend, Linda, who took
a train from California to Ohio to spend time with her family...and ME!  I hadn't seen her
for three years.....so I cut time out of the calendar...blocked it off for "us", and just spent three
really nice days, eating, talking, sharing...and catching up!  What a very special gift from God to me, and people who love me, understand what I mean.
We went to Trinity (a local church she used to attend) on Sunday Evening.
The pastor had special ministry for me personally, which was another gift of God just to me.

Jack and I took a Sunday afternoon to go and visit Patty Long, who is temporarily
in a nursing home.  We asked her if she wanted a personal concert in her room, or if she'd
like us to open it up to her resident friends.  She opted for everyone to hear, and it was a great
Sunday.  Pat has been a ministry partner for years.  She first found us on television, and has kept
in touch with us for all these years.

Froze ten quarts of Jack's green beans, and had some meals out of them too.  Nothing better than
green beans, potatoes and bacon!  Tomatoes are coming on, but still not ripe.  Boy when they get ripe,
I'm going to be busy freezing our winter supply.  Just picked peaches off our tree to ripen, so I can make and freeze peach butter.  

Hope to be returning to the Newark Area soon, and New York looks like it's going to take place in early October.  Pray for Jack and me, to walk in divine health.  Someone asked me recently, how long are you two going to keep going.  My answer?  As long as our "goers" work!  What a mighty God we serve.

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